Tips on Hiring a Tree Service

What are some of the important factors in hiring a Tree Service?

When you call for an appointment, they show up. Yes, this sounds like a "no - brainer", but it can and does happen and will be an indicator of the quality of the service.

When you discuss the work you'd like done, you're given a written quote. A competent service will assess the work then and there and leave you with a written quote.

They have, and will show you, their Credentials. These credentials will be in the form of Arborist Certification, a Certificate of Insurance, Crane Operator License, references.

Years of Experience. Remember, this is work requiring skill, equipment and good judgement. And you want to be happy with the end results.

Employees. Depending on what you're having done, a one-man-show may result in problems, for both of you.

The Service has the Equipment to do the Job. Whether or not your tree work requires a Crane, a Lift, a Bucket Truck, a Log Truck, a Chipper and/or a StumpGrinder, you want a job well done and fully completed.

Trust your Instincts. Most of us are aware of who's reputable and who's not. "Go with your gut" as they say. And ask your friends and neighbors. Good service is talked about.

What is an Arborist ? (And why should I hire one?)

An Arborist is a trained specialist in the care of woody plants, especially trees.

Tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns for you the homeowner.

Well cared for trees add to curbside appeal, as well as giving warm-weather cooling benefits.

Neglected trees can be a significant liability, both physically and financially.

Because tree work is inherently dangerous work it's best left to those who are both trained and equipped to undertake it.

An Arborist is also able to help you determine what's best for both you and the tree. For example, you want tree limbs pruned off, fearing branches falling on your house or vehicles. Most homeowners aren't aware that too much pruning will cause a tree to be more dangerous. Or, they want to get as much for their money as possible. A healthy tree, pruned correctly by a trained Arborist, will benefit both tree and homeowner.

Certification as an Arborist means that an extensive examination by a professional organization (i.e. MAA) has been passed. This always entails both time and expense and will indicate a level of knowledge and credentials on the part of the certified arborist.

Don't always accept the lowest bid. The best combination of price, skill, professionalism, equipment & work to be done will give you the results you want.

Safety & Training

All Bradley Tree & Landscape employees are fully trained. Each member of our team participates in on-going training programs and is reviewed for compliance to our company safety policies. Bradley Tree & Landscape is fully licensed and insured and Tim Bradley is a Certified Arborist - MCA number 2385.

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Prevent Accidents

Unfortunately, accidents with trees occur evey month when a homeowner, friend or handyman undertakes tree work that is best left to a professional tree care company.

January 2011 Haverhill, MA
A man had to be rescued by firefighters after getting his leg wedged in a storm damaged tree he was cutting behind a triple decker home.

January 2011 Kentucky
A man cutting down a tree on his property suffered a serious head injury after a section of tree fell on him.

March 2011 Florida
A man was electrocuted while trimming a neighbor's tree, using a gas powered pole saw and an extension ladder.

Tree work can be dangerous. Please don't undertake a job that could cause you serious harm.

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