Bradley Tree Removal Service

Tree Removals are done for a variety of both practical and aesthetic reasons. A tree may be dead or dying, too large, an undesireable species, there may be too many or a tree may be in the way of construction.

Because removals are inherently dangerous getting the right company and equipment to do the job is important. Tree removals can be done at any time of year. Using our 75 ton Crane along with our 70' Lift increases safety and mnimizes any potential hazards.

Tim Bradley has owned and operated his business since 1986.

At that time most tree services did the work of removals by climbing - physically difficult & dangerous.

State of the art equipment is now used - a 75 ton Crane and a 70' self-propelled Lift for accessing just about any area, all of which expedites the work and increases safety. To finish the job, a Chip Truck with an 18" Chipper, a Log truck, and a Stump Grinder is used.

When Tim and his crew remove your tree(s) you'll be very pleased with the job.

Service is Available Year Round.

Your Property is a big investment. We'll work with you to improve its value and appearance.


Reliable * Affordable * Quality Work

Safety & Training

All Bradley Tree & Landscape employees are fully trained. Each member of our team participates in on-going training programs and is reviewed for compliance to our company safety policies. Bradley Tree & Landscape is fully licensed and insured and Tim Bradley is a Certified Arborist - MCA number 2385.

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