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Hedges and shrubs are an integral part of residential properties. The homeowner is often unsure about the care and maintenance of these plants - how to prune; when to prune; what branches to cut and where; how to achieve the desired results - and that's where our expertise comes in. Pruning, done by an Arborist, promotes healthy, structurally sound, attractive plants.

We can hand snip your plants to achieve a more natural appearance and improve plant structure.

This is done by removing select branches or individual stems within or on the canopy. We can often correct improper shrub work by removing the "woody-ness" or stiffness caused by repeated shearing and give the plant a younger, softer look.

Another option is to shear your plants to shape. This is done using electric or gas shears. We shear the canopy to the desired shape by removing unwanted, unattractive branches. This often works best with younger plants that are not carrying as much wood as more mature plants tend to do.

Shearing tends to give a more formal appearance and is often accompanied by select hand sniping to achieve desired results.

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Safety & Training

All Bradley Tree & Landscape employees are fully trained. Each member of our team participates in on-going training programs and is reviewed for compliance to our company safety policies. Bradley Tree & Landscape is fully licensed and insured and Tim Bradley is a Certified Arborist - MCA number 2385.

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