Bradley Tree Deep Root Fertilizing

Bradley Tree and Landscape now offers deep root tree and shrub fertilization.

Why fertilize trees with this method? Because trees require nutrients to live and thrive. If nutrients are deficient in the soil the tree(s) will have a shorter life; be more susceptible to insect and disease problems; and will not give the landscape benefits expected.

When trees are in urban or suburban environments they often experience high stress conditions because of soil compaction, construction, physical damage & competition from other trees, shrubs and turf.

The advantage of deep root fertilization is that nutrients become immediately available to the tree. (Small holes are drilled into the soil around the tree, with liquid fertilizer injected, which is accessed by the trees fine absorbing roots.) Application holes, depth, spacing, fertilizer rate and tree type are calculated for maximum efficacy.

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Safety & Training

All Bradley Tree & Landscape employees are fully trained. Each member of our team participates in on-going training programs and is reviewed for compliance to our company safety policies. Bradley Tree & Landscape is fully licensed and insured and Tim Bradley is a Certified Arborist - MCA number 2385.

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